Monday, January 26, 2009

Change for Dinner

What's wrong with this picture?
Across town there's someone crying
He's tired of living
Tired of trying
Dying from feeling like dying

And on the other side of the tracks
is where they say the rich folk are
Not thinking of crying,trying, or dying
Appreciate what you've got
Cause your not!!!
Compared to've got a lot

But you will never know what it's like
To sleep outside in a park for the night
or getting beaten just fighting for my right
To live...To eat...To hate
just like dinner I'll have to wait...
for some change

(i just wrote this 10 minutes ago in algebra class...its another one that came out frictionless. I used to live a hard life while i was strung out on heroin and other drugs from age 17-23. I was brought up in a pretty financialy comfortable house. We werent rich, but my dad made about 90,000 a year, so we didnt go without. After living on the streets and pandhandling or stealing to get by i learned alot more about life. Sure, it sucked, but atleast i got some very important life lessons from it. #1-appreciate what you DO have, not what you DONT have because someone out there always has less and would LOVE to have what you take for granted. #2 life is what you make of it. im sure i was happier in the gutter , shooting up, than some people out tthere with millions. #3 Everyone in the world has everything they need to fuck up in life...but its what you do with that fuck up that counts :)

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