Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Words

I wrote these three songs in class in two days. I try to capture whats in my head with my limited vocabulary, but i do aight i think.I usually away...repeat. But these ones were written in a really complicated, confusing, painful period in my life(you can probaly tell if you read them). and they just flowed from my head to the paper with such ease ; and upon reading them a couple of days later i STILL really liked them and they still felt relavent even after the feelings passed...which usually doesnt happen to me and thats why i throw them away(they dont feel like i wrote them)...but these are different. Together is about my daughter ...and the others:awake and foundation are about my wife...we have gotten through the worst of the worst and enjoyed the best of the best together I feel like we can get past anything...but lately have been doubting that. I will not say anything else and just let you read the words.

I thought i knew you...guess i don't
THought i'd have everything you'd ever need...looks like i ran out
Thought we'd grow old we're just growing apart
Why didn't i see this coming?

Cupid's arrow missed its mark
And now you've left me in the dark
To fend for Myself
Stop the cycle, hit brakes
end this madness
What will it take
Atleast now I'm AWAKe

Our foundation lacks foundation
built upon this sinking ship
now sits at the bottom of the ocean
this wreck can be salvaged with the kiss from your lips
to save us all
you must save your own life
i watch you fall
what have you done with my wife?

And when you hit the ground you land face first
then you look can't get any worse
Stand up, brush yourself off
learn from your mistakes

TOGETHER(me and sidney)

Angel of mine, you came into my world
born into a world soo big
your soo small
I'm here to show you the way
To catch you when you fall
As long as you got me and i got you
there is nothing we can't do
I may not know it all yet
but you can bet
we will learn it

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