Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thorns of Life rocks Southern California

THorns of life played two shows in southern california last week. First they played in San Diego on the 22nd and then at the Eagle Rock Arts Center in LA. The amount of videos as well as the quality of the sound on the videos has tripled. An acoustic video also made its way onto youtube on the 22nd of an acoustic solo preformance by BLake in a Brooklyn Bar. After i saw the new videos from the LA show i realized that the 2 songs that were filmed(he played 3, but only the last two made it online) were also being played by Blake in the new band. They are two reaLLY GOOD songs, and i especially like the second one he plays acoustic...about fairytails: at the acoustic show he dedicated it to his nephew and the LA show he dedicated it to there familys that were in the audience.(Blake grew up in LA, and i think Danellia(bass player)
did as well, or atleast her family is there now)

Someone at the LA show told me they had shirst for stoked about seeing them. I get paid the day befor the show and me and NIcole are leaving the car at home(and the baby at her aunts) and takin the Bart there(Bay Area Rapid Transit). We met at an Against Me! show in Bakersfield in 2004. The only show we have seen in the last 5 years is Lower Class Brats in Bakersfield @ La Movida(latino discoteca)

So yea...i've had jawbreaker/crimpshrine/thorns of life mania lately. Now that all of these new videos are up of there two latest shows people that are going to see them in the Bay area(like me) have a chacne to konw some songs, since the band is so new. I know i always like when one of my favorite bands plays my favorite songs. The only show that is at this level is when i saw Versus in LA at the Troubador. Now that i live in the East BaY(30 mintues from Berkely/oakland and 45 from San Fransisco) there are always good shows going on...and if its important enough i will take the little one. She needs to know her roots.
(this is thorns of life in LA playing the same song BLake plays acoustic in the video above...the second song)

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