Saturday, February 7, 2009


Check that out...this guy Matt that i met online wanted me to review that Thorns of Life show and take some i said no problem, i was already gonna bring my camera(which got FUCKING STOLEN AT SCHOOL two days was my first fathers day present...fucking assholes. ANyways...this is my first time doing somethign like this. Im trying to get more involved in the local punk rock scene here in the east bay. Its good for me to have something to look forward to and put my time and energy into. This guy matt said for now im a guest columnist...but if i keep going to shows and reviewing them for his site i will get an im totally gonna start doing this more. I've been picking up every zine i can far Asscactus is my favorite. I picked it up at Gilman along with an issue of SLingShot with an article by Aaron Cometbus. Im just looking for ideas and stuff...trying to find what i can do to make my zine my own and stand out from the some of the generic garbage that is out there. So check out the review and give me some open, put my feelings aside...and if you dont know how to do that ask my wife...haha...aww....

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