Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ain't Life a Drag

I just mailed in my taxes. Between the both of us we only made $596 all year in 2008....hahaha and it wasnt any of mine. SSI and welfare don't count...which is the majority of our income. But since we are married and have our daughter we are going to get about $500 back and dont have to pay thats cool. Im just worried it's going to take along time to get my check back because of the poor economy.

Without getting into detail too much i gotta say that me and Nicole are overcoming a very large problem together, and becoming closer because of it. I dont want to say what happened...but after everything we have been through together nothing shocks me and i know we can overcome anything together if we want to . Sidney is almost 17 months old and getting soo big.

I'd show you just how big she is getting , but my camera was stolen at school. It was kinda my fault. I left my backpack somewhere when i was studying. I realized it was gone so i went to the front desk and someone had turned it in, but the camera was missing. I used all of my investigatory skills to get a weak ass description of the person who dropped of the backpack, but that may not have even been the theif. Someone with a similar M.O. took $50 out of someones purse befor it was turned into the front desk. Here are some possible scenarios...

scenario 1:suspect one found the backpack...took out my camera and handed it off to suspect 2(or an innocent person) to turn in.

scenario 2:somone turned it in to the front desk and the lady up there took the camera

scenario 3: someone took the backpack, took the camera, and turned it in

suspect - female, dark complexion(possible black or hispanic)...dark shoulder length straight hair . approx 5'5'

so anyways...between nicole, my camera...and my FLAT TIRE...ive had a shitty week. My tire popped on a nail and i had to fix my first ever flat tire by myself. i forgot to put the E brake on and it rolled and fell off the jack 3 or 4 times. Twice the brake pad fell on the donought tire and i think it bent because now it squeals...shitty stuff

atleast i have Fifteen-Suprise and Fifteen-There is No Place Like Home...they save me ...especially the song -Aint life a Drag....WHEN YOU GOT IT ALLL!!!!

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