Saturday, March 28, 2009


In this last week i have came across the following for download:
Hated-Discography(released and bootlegs, and unreleased)
Three Shades of Dirty- Paper Roses demo
SLack-Cassette(dan littleton and jen toomy{simplemachines}
Crimpshrine-Duct Tape Soup LP / Sound of a New...LP/
Turn it Around Comp 2x7"(i think tis a double 7") {operation ivy, isocracy, corrupted morals, crimpshrine, more...awsome record...east bay scene in late 80s)
Thorns of Life(blake from jawbreaker and aaron from crimpshrine and cometbus)- i got the full set of the show i went to at gilman on 1/31/09...good quality, the closest your gonna get to a recording till they are done doing there own)

and im not done...i want all of the hated related bands( haha im totally coining that )...i still want the licorice...i dont really know of any others..if anyone could point me in the right direction. I found the hated and three shades dirty stuff on this guys blog

Three shades of Dirty has a myspace well as vermin scum.
Kenneth said that he brought Vermin Scum back ...probably to capitolize on the fact that his bands records go for tons of dough...when they come up at all. He is selling $25 3disk hated discographys(CD-r). i think they come with artwork...i guess its the infamous Troublman stuff that will probably never be released by them

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