Thursday, March 26, 2009


Damn...i knew this shit had to come eventually. First i got a link from a guy i ripped of like 7 years ago from Italy. The link was to the Hated discography available for free download in mp3 format!!!! i wanted to cry. I listened to it all night. Sidney listened to it too. I wanted to cry. So i wake up ...i burn all them onto cds and take off while listening to them. my friend calls and says she needs me to use my licsense to get her friends car out of impound. so i say ok. i was gonna ask for like 5$...this fool hands me 100 bucks!!!!. Then i get home...and to top it off i find somethine i can download that i have been looking for for weeks. Crimpshrine - Sound of a new world being bored. And i got the "Turn it Around" 2x7" comp. I ve heard that GIlman put it out..and that MRR put it out..maybe they did together, if you know please inform me...oh yea...and crimpshrine-duct tape soup

here are the links to the hated discography

Turn it Around Comp(crimpshrine, operation ivy,corrupted morals, isocracy, sweet baby jesus, more...)

Crimpshrine-Duct Tape Soup-

I cant remember where i got the other crimpshrine album. but if you want it let me know. i gotta go pick up sidney. i hope no one makes me regret posting those. please respect it. dont go off making bootleg lps and shit...atleast dont use my link, or dont tell me about it. i dont want to know

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