Thursday, August 27, 2009

When it Pains it Roars.....

Here is what ive been doing. Im tired of typing the story, so im just gonna copy and paste it from another blog i got. In the last week i've had my world turned upside down, shook and then kicked across town. Here is the short version. Sidney messed up Sue(rooomate, the mom) headphones . Sue threatened to spank Sidney, i said HELLS NO!!!!! We left for the day....i was gonna drop off Sid at Nana's and go home by myself to make sure it was ok. Well, after drinking all day Sue and Dave were drunk as hell. (sue is dave's mom) . They told me not to come back. i told them to fuck off i know my rights. My cousin across the street called me saying they were throwing out me and sidneys stuff. So i had to cops go there with me to get all my shit out. Sue was cussing me and cops out, yelling that i was a heroin addict who beats my kid. (if it wasn't so damn serious it would have been funny as hell). The cops arent dumb, they know she was crazy, they know her by name. She will call the cops to help her then cuss them out. So i go stay at Uncle David's and Sid stays at her aunts with Nicole(her mom was visitng because she is doing good). THe cops show up at nanas at 5am!!!! someone called the cops saying i beat sidney so they went to check on her....they left after realizing that someone was making false accusations. Fast forward to 9am that morning....I go to Nana's to help pack Sidneys stuff. Nicole and Nana and Nicoles mom talked about it and Sidney is going to stay in Fairfield with her mom and my in-laws. I would MUCH rather have here there then at nana's house. So they went to Fairfield around 10am...right after i got cussed out by nicoles grandpa cause he thought i had got the cops called to his house, No one told him what was going on i guess. So im banned from Nana's and homelss at this time. IM ready to sleep in my car(i could go to stay with Sidney , but i GOTTA finish school. Im just about done...january). On my way to the park that night to sleep AJ called me and said to come over. HIs mom had over heard us talking and said she wont let me sleep in my car. So now im doing great, im back online so i can make money with dvds, i gotta an asome place to stay..i live a mile from school so i can walk now, and about 2 miles from methadone clinic. IM going to be taking amtrak to Fairfield everyweekend...its only 20 bucks round trip.

SO im happy now. I would rather not live with those people. My cousin hooked me up with them. She didnt know they were drunk crazy people...its ultimatly my fault for not investigating them first myself. I trust my family

Life is good now. i wasnt gonna ask no one to live with them, i dont mind the car...its different when you know you just gotta do it for a minutes...its hard when you dont know how long you are going to be homeless. In january ill have my degree, and i'll be heading about 45 minutes north of here to Fairfield.

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